Learn To Thrive After Chronic Pain

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Online course

Work through each module at your own pace, with no set start times     

Group Coaching

Online course with additional support and connecting with others

One-to-One / VIP / Commercial

     Coaching tailored to your needs                     

Everyone has their own path to carve out - we help you to find the easier and more enjoyable route for you


Mel Janes

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Save time and money

Don't let another month pass you by in pain. Clearly defined routes and support, allow you to reach your goals quicker, saving you time and money

Designed for you

In the age of information, many are overwhelmed. We simplify your healing journey, provide the roadmap to reduce the roadblocks and support you all the way

Connect with others

You are the sum of the closest people around you. Surround yourself with inspiring individuals who are creating the future of their choice

Learn To Thrive After Chronic Pain - Online Course


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